Queens students speak up in Charlotte’s final mayoral primary debate

On September 2, Queens University hosted the final Charlotte mayoral debate before the primaries at the Sports Complex.

In front of approximately 300 live attendees and countless viewers online, six candidates (two Republicans and four Democrats) debated within their parties for an hour each on topics ranging from illegal immigration and LGBT rights to public transit and the city budget.

In addition to questions and discussion topics posed by moderator Steve Crump, the audience was also surveyed to ask their own questions of the candidates.  It was within these segments that Queens truly shined: two students from Pi Sigma Alpha (ΠΣΑ), the national political science honor society, were chosen to pose their own questions.

One of those, Jasmyn Lindsay ’16, enjoyed the opportunity to see local politics in action.

“It was a good experience to interact with candidates and important people in our local society,” she said following the debate, “and I was also proud to push Queens’ name.”

Jasmyn Lindsay was one of two Queens students chosen to ask candidates at the debate a question. Max Millington

Jasmyn Lindsay was one of two Queens students who got to ask candidates questions at the debate.

Lindsay’s question was to the Democrats and steered away from the typical questions asked in a debate.  While many were concerned about what a candidate proposed to change should they win the office, she instead wanted to learn something slightly different.

“I was interested to hear from them about what they’re excited for in their city,” she said, citing City Councilman David Howard’s (D) response of touting Charlotte’s position in the global market as one she especially appreciated.

Charlotte’s primaries come to a close September 15. The remaining candidates will continue their campaign, with their sights set on the November 3 election.

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