More campus construction planned for next school year

Over the past couple of weeks, the sounds of construction—which had been emanating from Burwell Hall since fall—have been noticeably absent, with the ending of Burwell Hall construction.

But Queens students shouldn’t get too comfortable with the silence.

Starting after graduation, there will be three new building projects: a renovation of Walker Science Building, an addition to Belk Chapel and the construction of a tennis center at the sports complex.

Walker Science Building—which will undergo both an inside and outside renovation— will be renamed the Knight Crane Hall, in honor of trustee Marjorie Knight Crane and her husband Alpo. The first floor will be torn out and broken into four sections: areas for the Center for Student Success, testing, the Internship & Career Center and International Studies. The nursing program will have a place on the second floor, while the Knight School of Communication will be located on the third floor. For the outside, designers are going to replicate the entryway its sister building, Sykes, currently has, said Bill Nichols, vice president for campus planning and services. Its estimated completion date is January 2016, he said.

Knight-Crane Hall Selwyn SideRendering courtesy of Bill Nichols
Construction on the addition to Belk Chapel will start in the middle of the summer. The addition will be on the building’s north side and will be used as a center for faith and outreach, as well as a reception hall, said Nichols, adding that he expects it will be completed in the spring of 2016.

Belk Chapel Front View North Portico 08-18-14-2Rendering courtesy of Bill Nichols
A new tennis center will be constructed at the sports complex. It will boast twelve standard courts and one championship court and will also have a new building. There will be locker rooms for the tennis, track and visiting teams  as well as viewing areas. Money is still being raised for this project, so start and estimated completion dates have not been released.

Aerial-Tennis Courts and Building-2Photo courtesy of Bill Nichols
Queens has been growing a great deal over the last eight years. The university has spent around $100 million in new construction projects and updates, Nichols said. Future plans include a student center that will be connected to Trexler and a new dormitory that will replace the faculty parking deck.

But even with all of this new construction, “It is a goal to have 65% of the campus to be open space,”  said Nichols.

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