MR.3, Queens’ newest hip-hop group, prepares for mixtape release

Three Queens sophomores have combined talents to create their own musical sound.Jessy Epley

Three Queens sophomores have combined talents to create their own musical sound.

What do a history major, studio art major and biology major all have in common?

Their passion for music.

A group of sophomore artists, better known as MR.3 (mystery), have come together to express their creativity, bringing a new sound to Queens’ campus.

At ages 15 and 16, sophomores Rob Melton and Malcolm Chester began their music career by writing songs in Fayetteville, N.C., their hometown. Though the two never met in Fayetteville, both artists dreamed of leaving the town and advancing their musical journey. Three years later, they both found themselves at Queens.

Their individual styles and sounds, inspired by 1990s’ hip-hop and neo soul, quickly drew them together, and they soon began noticing their musical similarities.

Sophomore Kennedy Lewis, who has been writing poetry since she was 12 years old, met the two artists and instantly clicked with them. Her writing style, inspired by artists such as Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill, filled the missing piece in Melton and Chester’s musical puzzle.

After realizing how much they had in common, the trio decided to build a musical style of their own. Thus, MR.3 began.

“Our vision is to spread ideas and exercise creativity,” said Melton. “To inspire and be inspired.”

Sampling the ’90s group, The Fugees, their latest song, “Seventh Letter,” gained close to a hundred plays within the first day of its release.

“Though our audience is small, we were happy to see that people were enjoying our music and hope to only grow within time,” said Chester.

With a mixtape release this spring, the group homes to gain more fans.

“I’m excited for them to hear what we’ve come up with,” said Lewis. “This tape is going to be hot.”

To hear more from MR.3, be on the lookout for their mixtape, Seeds.

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