Want to be a web producer? New editor plans to take Chronicle to the next level

Eliza Wireback became editor in chief of The Queens Chronicle in January 2015.

Eliza Wireback, new editor of the Chronicle

The new editor in chief of The Queens Chronicle says promotion and collaboration are key next steps for the university’s award-winning student news organization. Eliza Wireback is also looking for a few really talented people.

Wireback, a journalism and digital media major from Greensboro, became editor of the Chronicle in January. She says the strides in journalistic quality made by her predecessor, Dustin Saunders, make it possible for her to focus on a new stage in the Chronicle’s development.

“Once students become more aware of the work published on queens-chronicle.com, they’re going to realize how our site can help them on a daily basis,” Wireback says. “We need to maintain quality, but we also need to promote the website and make sure students know how to find us.”

Wireback says a team headed by students Holly Bowers and Lydia Drakeford is focused on promotional, social media and marketing issues.

Beyond promotion, Wireback plans to collaborate with Project Airwaves on multimedia.

“Journalism and communication students invent new ways to tell stories,” she says. “Project Airwaves is doing interesting things with music and film, and we want to work together to cover stories from several points of view. For a story about a student musician, for example, the Chronicle might do an interview and a photograph. At the same time, Project Airwaves could produce a piece with the musician’s actual music on Soundcloud or a video for our YouTube channels. Then, we pull these together in a website package.”

Wireback says she’s looking for students with a background in journalism and digital media to help lead the Chronicle into this new phase. “If you’re interested in writing, design, video editing, social media or website development, we want to work with you,” Wireback says. “I’m really passionate about journalism, and I know there are lots of other students who share this passion. This is a great chance to build a portfolio and strengthen the skills you’ll need to use in media after you graduate.”

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