5 ways to survive exams

With final exams quickly approaching and end-of-semester assignments due, the last two weeks of the semester can be stressful. Follow these tips to survive exam week.

Exams are right around the corner.ccarlstead/Flickr/Creative Commons

Exams are right around the corner.

1. Study ahead of time. Waiting until the night before a big exam to cram is always a bad idea. Give your brain a chance to review and process all the information you’ve learned this semester. Aim for a week in advance to begin studying.

2. Take short study breaks. Ten-minute breaks for every 45 minutes of studying allows you to stay motivated when you’re studying difficult material. During your break, eat a snack, check your Facebook or Tweet.

3. Use multiple study methods. Flash cards, study guides and reviewing old quizzes and exams are all great methods for studying.

4. Avoid stressful people.

5. Get a good night’s sleep. Eat breakfast and most importantly, RELAX.

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