Diverse freshman class ‘dives into Queens experience’

This infographic shows some statistics about the Class of 2018.Clarneesha Fuller | The Queens Chronicle

This infographic shows some statistics about the Class of 2018.

In 2014, Queens welcomed one of its most diverse freshman classes. This year’s freshmen come from 18 countries and 30 states.

This year, the admissions team traveled to about 15 states to find unique students who would call Queens their new home. Even though the admissions team focuses on finding unique students who identify themselves with what the university has to offer, “the main purpose this year was to get more students into the eight new majors that have been added,” said Dr. Brian Ralph, vice president for enrollment management.

Among the most important trends in this class is a slight increase in student athletes; approximately 121 freshman are athletes.

Unlike other years, the university also saw a slight increase in out-of-state students.

“Generally speaking, we pull between 20-32 states in our first-year class. This year was 28 or 29 states, mainly Eastern Coast,” said Ralph. Some of these states included New Jersey, Texas, Utah, Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado and Tennessee among 22 others.

When asked for a single word to describe this year’s freshman class, Ralph answered, “engaged.”

“They are very social and excited to be at Queens,” he said. “They are really trying to dive in into Queens experience quickly. They are not sitting back and waiting to see what’s going to happen.”

This engagement and excitement, he says, can be seen in the variety of their campus activities and especially in the leadership positions they occupy.

According to a 2013 report from College Rankings, Queens has a total undergraduate enrollment of 1,734 students with a gender distribution of 28 percent male students and 72 percent female students.



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