Charlotte Hornets win opening game in overtime

My expectations for the Charlotte Hornets’ first game against the Milwaukee Bucks were kind of low, even though I had never been to a pro basketball game in the United States.

 “You know it’s going to be a bad season if we lose the home opener,” our cab driver said.

When we arrived at  Time Warner Cable Arena, we were met by many excited fans wearing teal and purple. I didn’t see  a red Milwaukee Bucks shirt.

The game started slow, with the visiting Bucks appearing to be stronger in the first quarter, even if they were behind by one point when the quarter ended. The next two quarters, the Bucks dominated what seemed to be a nervous bunch of Hornets players. Maybe the name change and opening night were a bit too much for them.

In the middle of third quarter, the Hornets trailed by 24 points. It seemed to be too difficult for the unorganized Hornets players to make a comeback.

Then the fourth quarter began. The Hornets players appeared hungry and confident for the first time. The home team finally caught up and ended the last quarter 100-100.

The game went in overtime and the  Hornets fans were standing when the five-minute countdown began. The crowd cheered louder and louder as the Hornets kept up with the Bucks until the very end when the Hornets’ Kemba Walker scored the winning basket.   Hornets 108, Bucks 106.

If it is like what our cab driver predicted– the season will resemble the home opener –then the Hornets will have a very exciting season.

Minna Tegsten | The Queens Chronicle

IMG_0291Minna Tegsten | The Queens Chronicle
IMG_0292Minna Tegsten | The Queens Chronicle
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IMG_0295Minna Tegsten | The Queens Chronicle

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