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With the fall semester in full swing for Queens students, one might ponder what they should do with all their free time. Queens Campus Recreation program offers 16 different intramural activities for students to take part in with their friends to fill up this free time.

“The mission of Queens intramurals is to allow healthy competition among students, faculty and staff. And if you win, you earn bragging rights for a year,” Director of Campus Recreation, Patrick Motter said. “A group of guys have won flag football 3 years in a row, and they are very proud of that title. They are returning this year as mostly seniors to try for the win again. Each sport has its own group of students that always make a good showing.”

Registration for intramural sports can be found at

At this link, students can find schedules for events, registration and score reporting. All students can register here using their e-mail account and current student ID.

“In addition to competition and bragging rights, students receive leadership skills on the field/court. They learn about working together as a team. Students have the chance to branch out and try new activities,” Motter said. “This year we divided the volleyball teams into 2 leagues, ‘Rex’ for those that are well versed at the game and ‘Crown’ for those that want a fun outlet and maybe do not have as much experience. We had equal number of teams in each league. Last year, we offered Battleship for the first time and we have 6 teams of 4 each come out to try this new event, not to mention the 20 spectators we had watching. Students really enjoyed this experience and have requested that we bring it back this year.”

Like many sports teams the number of participants per team varies by the sport. During the events of basketball, flag football, volleyball and outdoor soccer each team is allowed a maximum roster of 10. Some of the events Campus Recreation offers for students can also be individual or made up of small teams such as FIFA, American Gladiator and Poker. If teams cannot find enough players to fill a team, teams are able to pick up free agents: Students who want to play but do not have a team. Free Agents register like everyone else, but select the “free agent” option on the website. This allows team captains get a short bio about them and the opportunity to request that the free agent join their team. Let’s just say that this is Queens own touch on Fantasy Football.

“I would like to add that I hope students understand the commitment level involved when joining an intramural league,” Motter said. “We have students and staff that work hard to make every game happen and when students just quit or don’t show up, it ruins the experience of everyone involved. So if you sign up, show up. Even if you feel like you aren’t going to win, I guarantee if you show up and play, you will have a good time.”

Games are played Sunday through Thursday, and the time for games depends on the sport. Outside sports are typically played between 4:00pm – 7:00pm, while indoor sports are played from 9:00pm – 11:00pm. When you register for each sport there is a list of game times with the ability for each team to state when they are available to play. Campus Recreation know that a lot of students have varying schedules, so they make it as easy as possible for students to play intramurals even with other involvements on campus.

“We are also always looking for what students want to see happen for intramurals,” Motter said. “This year we have our most extensive list of sports and hope we can reach a wide variety of students.”

If you have question you can talk to student leads: Hannah Younger, Jamilah Watson and Rebecca Schember or contact Director of Campus Recreation, Patrick Motter for any questions regarding intramurals.

Here is a schedule of the different events being held:


Flag Football: October 5th – 26th (delayed)

Fifa Xbox Tournament: October 6th -12th

Innertube Water Polo: October 20th – 23rd

Indoor Soccer: October 26th – November 6th

Poker Tournament: November 6th

Dodgeball: November 22nd


Spades: January 16th

Basketball: January 26th – February 19th

Superbowl Party: February 1st

Battelship: February 8th

Bowling: February 16th – 19th

American Gladiators: February 28th

Soccer: March 23rd – April 8th

Ultimate Frisbee: April 13th – 17th

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