Singers, guitarists and a magician, oh my: Royals shine at the talent show

Many of the Queens students and their families went to see the Shades of Blue and Gold talent show on Friday, Sept. 26, despite the gloomy sky. Even though the food could have been better, the concept of having dinner while simultaneously watching the talented students was sort of like going to a dinner and a show. There were tables lined up against the stage, and the stairs to the cafeteria acted like seats in an old Roman amphitheater. The tables were decorated with blue and gold tablecloths and pretty flowers, perhaps to impress the parents there for family weekend more than for the students’ sake.

The Talent show was set up like any other talent show you see on TV: Maxwell Millington served as the Ryan Seacrest type host, three mock Project Runway judges handed out points to the contestants, and there was a monetary prize as there is in American’s Next Top Model. But unlike America’s Got Talent, the Shades of Blue and Gold Talent Show did not show much diversity. Beside one Italian magician, with a big fan club, there were mostly singers and poets on stage.

Not that I think the third place winner of 50 dollars—singer Hanna Morse and guitarist Jonathan Arbogast—did not deserve their prize. Nor do I think that the runner-up—singer/guitarist Matthew Huff—or the winners—singer Ellie Good and guitarist Landon Trust—did not earn their trophies. However, it would have been nice to see some more diverse talent from the Queens student body. This year’s talent show was more of a Queens’s version of American Idol. It is great that Queens has so many talented singers and musicians, but maybe next year they can all compete in a separate competition.

If I could hand in a request for the next Shades of Blue and Gold Talent Show, I would like to see more dancers, gymnasts, slam poets, people who can oddly bend body-parts and Italian magicians…those people are everywhere! Thinking of performing next year? You should! It could be your year!

bild_2(4)Minna Tegsten | The Queens Chronicle
Hanna Morse and Jonathan ArbogastMinna Tegsten | The Queens Chronicle

Hanna Morse and Jonathan Arbogast

Ellie Good and Landon Trust Minna Tegsten | The Queens Chronicle

Ellie Good and Landon Trust

Matthew Huff Minna Tegsten | The Queens Chronicle

Matthew Huff

bild_1(3)Minna Tegsten | The Queens Chronicle

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