Queens participates in Ice Bucket Challenge, but few donate

Members of a health communication class create an ALS ice bucket challenge video with Dr. Zachary White of the Knight School of Communication.Queens Chronicle Staff

Members of a health communication class create an ALS ice bucket challenge video with Dr. Zachary White of the Knight School of Communication.

This summer the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been trending all around the country and the Queens campus has been no exception. Seventy-three percent out of 67 participants in an informal survey stated that they had actually done the challenge. Only 19 percent of the survey participants had actually donated and dumped ice water on their heads as well.

ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), commonly referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease, affects the spinal cord and nerve cells within the brain. The ALS Association has being spreading awareness through videos on social media that have gone viral. As a result, many students, especially those engaged in social media and knew of the challenge, have participated.

For Queens, there were students that thought their participation was vital. Junior Dacia Thompson was one of the students who took the time to do the Ice Bucket Challenge.

“My sole reason for doing this challenge was because one of my friends nominated me,” said Thompson.

Many students, although contributors, were still unaware of the challenge’s true purpose. They said it just seemed like something fun to do and were unlikely to donate to the ALS association.

There were however, a few students who thrived on the fact that this was a good cause.

Many people gained their knowledge on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge through some form of social media. With the participation of big celebrity figures, the challenge drew more attention resulting in an increase in everyday community members participating in the cause. Some people feel with this being such a viral awareness campaign, a lot of people have been involved or gained more knowledge about ALS.

There were also a couple of familiar faces within the faculty and staff that felt their presence was needed.

One of the most recent professors to take part in this cause was Dr. Zachary White. As a professor in the communication department, White agreed to participate and the word spread fast. With so many people just saying they did it purely due to being nominated, it makes you wonder what would be White’s purpose?

“With my area of research being in health communication, my participation in the Ice Bucket Challenge was manifold,” said White. When connecting communication and the health field, you automatically think about ways that people can gain knowledge and awareness.

Although challenged by another researcher, that wasn’t the only reason for his participation.

“First, I participated to raise awareness and money,” stated White. “I also used it as an opening discussion with my health communication class about disease and illness.”

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