New professor looks forward to helping students find life path



On Aug. 22, Gregory Berka successfully defended his doctoral dissertation on how people experience workplace inclusion at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Three days later, he taught his first class at Queens.

The newly anointed doctor of organizational science is looking forward to his time at Queens for many reasons. The chance to join a school with a smaller student body, echoing his time as a Bucknell undergraduate, is certainly one of them. He said he is also excited to be involved in advising students, as he not only wants to help students academically, but with career and life decisions as well.

“There’s an aspect of me that really likes helping people…find their path,” said Berka. “I’m hoping my sessions are more than sitting down and talking about what classes you should take next semester. I’m hoping that before we even get to that point, we talk a little about what your interests are, what it is that you’ve already experienced and are passionate about, as well as…things that you want to avoid.”

His main message is to try new things. Berka says he has found that new experiences are never truly a risk, as they always involve a chance to learn something about ourselves and of the world around us.

“If we look at every new thing we do as ‘I’m going to learn something from it,’ I think there’s no risk to it,” he said. “That only happens when we allow it to happen to us. Even those things that are complete failures for us…can still be positive experiences. Learning things that we don’t like to do, it’s something we tried. It’s something we can bring into our next experience.”

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