Freshman publishes second book

Debski holds her second published book, "Casket of Stars".Clarneesha Fuller | The Queens Chronicle

Debski holds her second published book, “Casket of Stars”.

Julia Debski, an 18-year-old freshman from Chattanooga, Tenn., has just published her second book.

Titled “Casket of Stars,” the book is a collection of short stories and poetry. The idea for “Casket” came to her when she started to recall memories from her childhood.

“As I was growing up, I started to realize the value of family. This book focuses on the human relationships that people don’t talk about so much,” said Debski. “I’m closer to relatives that are farther down the line then ones that are much closer.”

Q: When did you become interested in writing?

“My eighth grade English teacher told me I should start doing it.”

Q: How was the publishing process?

“I self published through Amazon, so the book is only available in paperback and Kindle, which is kind of limited. So there isn’t a lot of exposure like it would be if it was in a bookstore. It’s very time consuming, but I don’t have to pay anyone to do it for me. Publish for free, but Amazon keeps a large amount of the profits.”

Q: What do you think you next book would be about?

“I have started; it’s called ‘Along Shiloh.’ It’s a story about a young man who has almost telepathic powers to create scenarios where they feel real when they aren’t. A story about his rejection from his town and his high school, and his powers getting more and more out of control.”

Q: Do you plan to continue writing?

“Definitely. More as a side job, of course.”

Q: What are your goals after Queens?

“Move to London, England, with my mom’s side of the family.”

You can purchase Julia’s latest book by visiting Amazon here as well as her previous book, The Hazel Tree.

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