Students anticipate iPhone 6

Apple will release two new iPhones – the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus – on Sept. 19. The phones’ new features include bigger screens, more memory, higher resolution and longer battery life.

Apple never fails to excite the iPhone customer. After talking to students and faculty members in the Queens community, I found that the majority does not mind the bigger screen as long as it is not too big, ensuring it maintains its portability.

“I’m interested to see what new features the iPhone is going to have,” said Lawrence Bell, a junior. “I wouldn’t mind them making the screen bigger, just don’t make it look like the Galaxy 6.”

The iPhone has always had a size advantage over other cell phones. The small, compact device can easily fit into a pocket, unlike other cell phone devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy, which measures 8.1 millimeters, almost half an inch bigger than the iPhone 5.

Queens students expressed many different factors that would determine whether or not they would be purchasing the iPhone 6. For some, the new apps that would be available on the iPhone 6 would be the deal-maker or -breaker. For others, it was how long the phone would maintain its power.

“Battery life is the most important new feature I am worried about,” said Erin Brundage, a junior. “I do a lot on my phone. Whether it’s checking my email or checking my Instagram, I have to have a battery that lasts me throughout the day.”

For students, who use their phone for its additional features, it is understandable that they would want a longer battery life. That way, they can take full advantage of the different apps that Apple has to offer. A bigger screen also means higher resolution. The apps and games students use will be a lot clearer and have a much better quality on the new screen.

Although Queen’s students have expressed a great deal of interest in the new iPhone, Queens’ IT department did not feel the same way. The older generation seems to only use the iPhone for the phone’s primary uses, such as checking email and making calls.

James Deem, a computer system specialist for the IT department, is not thrilled about a bigger screen because he has no use for it.

“I use my iPhone primarily as a phone. I don’t have apps. The only thing I use is my calendar and email,” he said.

With all of the new features the iPhone 6 has to offer, it is no surprise that the students on campus are anxiously awaiting purchasing one of their own.

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