“Hay” new Hayworth: Adult undergrad school now encompasses graduate studies

A new school of learning has recently moved onto the campus of Queens University. The Hayworth School of Graduate and Continuing Studies combined the school of adult undergraduate education (continuing education) and graduate school as of the 2014-2015 academic year.

Along with the new school comes a new dean, Dr. Emily Richardson. Richardson comes to Queens from Stetson University in Florida, where she worked with returning adult students in the Adult Vocational Program of Boundless Learning.

“[I am excited to be] back dealing with adult students,” said Richardson, who is new to Charlotte.

She says that the Queens community has welcomed her with open arms. As with any new job there is a period of adjustment, whether it’s learning the dynamics of Queens or understanding the organizational structure of the school, she says she feels up to the challenge. One of her challenges is adjusting the policies and procedures of the Hayworth School to be inclusive of the graduate students. Additionally, she plans to create a graduate culture here at Queens and develop a program that will foster the need of the military and veteran students. With the combination of the two schools into one, she feels Queens will be formulating a more centralized and consistent experience for the adult and graduate student.

Currently, there are 493 graduate students and adult undergraduate students registered at Queens. Approximately 140 of those students are online students. The rest are in class on campus during the day and evening.

Richardson explains how she is hoping to develop a network between all Hayworth students while attempting to build a community amongst them. She also hopes to encourage the graduate school to reach out to the traditional undergraduate student population in hopes of peaking the interests in post-graduate studies.

Part of the challenge she faces is the apparent disconnect between the adult undergraduate students and the graduate students themselves. She hopes to continually design networking events throughout the school year to help build the sense of community in the Hayworth School. She says that she realizes these networking sessions will not the capture majority of students, but she is not discouraged from continuing them.


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