Queens spreads love to Sedgefield Elementary

Hundreds of students from Sedgefield Elementary School visited Queens on April 3.Karoline Summerville | The Queens Chronicle

Hundreds of students from Sedgefield Elementary School visited Queens on April 3.








As Queens students head into summer break, one of the highlights of their spring semester took place on April 3, when hundreds of students from Sedgefield Elementary School visited the campus.

Queens students who volunteer at the school describe an everyday need for additional resources. There is a “constant struggle for white printer paper,” says Miranda Wood, a freshman.

During the College Day on campus, Queens students provided counseling, time and a glimpse into the future. Several student organizations came together to show students what there is to do at Queens.

India Taylor, president of Project Airwaves, interviewed Sedgefield students on a live radio show. Taylor asked one student why he wanted to go to college. His reply was simple – “I want to go to college to show my mom that anybody can do it. She didn’t get her chance to go.”

This year, students logged more than 80,000 service hours, equal to more than $202,000 in human capital.

Wood logged more than 115 hours in her first year. Doing mostly administrative work, she claims the experience has been beneficial. “I’ve never had a job so this was my first experience in an office…. The staff is what kept me going every day.”

Pat Taft, director of active citizenship, described the experience of volunteering in an email: “It will change your life. Getting out of your comfort zone will help you appreciate the gifts you have been given…. It will increase your networks and help build your resume.”

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