Students share Easter plans

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Danielle Williams

Havlock, N.C.

Junior history major

“I’m going home and spending it with family and friends. We get together and have a big meal. We’ll do church service Saturday. It’s just about being together and appreciating everyone there.”


Megan's niece, Ady, rides the donkey, Eustace.Courtesy of Megan Doyle

Megan Doyle’s niece, Ady, rides the donkey, Eustace.

Megan Doyle

Elliston, Va.

Junior studio art major

“I’m going to go home for Easter. I think we’re going to dye eggs this year because my niece is two years old. But we probably won’t hunt for them because she won’t be able to find them. Also, she’s going to ride the donkey this weekend. She likes when we do that, and we make her ride our donkey.”

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