Rocky Horror was a raunchy, sexual success

The raunchy and very sexual Rocky Horror show turned many heads and had campus talking all about it. The show turned out to be a huge success for the Queens theatre department. Every show was pretty much sold out and word on campus was that most people who had never seen the show were blown away by the acting and overall show. I was able to talk to a couple students who knew a thing or two about the show and get great feedback on their opinions about the show.

Megan Doyle

Class: Junior

Major: Studio art

Hometown: Elliston, Va.

Q: Was this your first time seeing the Rocky Horror Show? If not, how many times have you seen it?

“I am very familiar with Rocky Horror, both the film and the cult performances. I have seen the original film countless times, and I have been to six or seven of the live shows put on by the Tolls of Madness cast based out of Virginia Tech.”

Q: Were you by any chance dressed up for the event on campus or brought any props, like toast? I know that’s a popular item to bring.

“Generally speaking, I dress up for the cult performances; most of the time the audience dresses in some sort of lingerie or basically any outfit that is appropriate on Halloween but not appropriate for the rest of the year. However, I didn’t dress up for the on-campus production partially because I knew that there would be faculty and staff present from the University and partially because one element of the cult shows is that everyone is in costume, not just some of the crowd. Knowing Queens, I knew that not everyone would be in costume.”

Doyle shared that “cult performances are generally done with the film starring Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon playing on a large projector, with a cast onstage in front acting out the motions that the characters in the film are doing. The actors aren’t speaking the lines or singing the songs. This makes the callbacks more exciting because the timing is always on point and the audience can rehearse the callbacks before the show. The on-campus play was the first time that I had seen the performance unaccompanied by the film. There was also a list of prohibited items, including toast, water guns, hot dogs,and all of the other fun things, that was posted in the Hadley Theater. To me, this made the show less exciting and further steered away from the shows that I have attended in the past. I’m not saying that this was bad, just different.”

“I wasn’t unsatisfied with the show as a whole, but I think that the actors and actresses tried too hard to make their voices sound like that of the film’s actors and actresses. I think that they all did a really good job with their performances, but I don’t think that the casting was 100 percent on point,”she added. “All in all, I think that the Queens theatre department did a great job. I understand that as someone who has a very special appreciation for the cult performances that it is hard for me to separate my past experiences and not be over critical of the very different style of performance that was seen at the on-campus event.”

Shannon Fraser

Class: Junior

Major: Creative writing

Hometown: Saline, Mich.

Q: Was this your first time seeing The Rocky Horror Show? If not, how many times have you seen it?

“This was not my first time witnessing Rocky Horror Picture Show. I have seen both the film and theatrical versions prior. I have seen the movie only once and a few theatrical performances.”

Q: Were you by any chance dressed up for the event on campus? Did you bring any props?

“I was absolutely dressed up for Rocky Horror. It should almost be a requirement. My attire mostly consisted of voluminous hair, bold makeup, quite a bit of lace and to be honest my bra was quite visible.”

Q: Which performance do you prefer?

“I prefer the theatrical version just because anything live always seems better. I had a few friends in the show, so watching them get into their roles was phenomenal. I went to both opening night and the midnight shows because I enjoyed it that much. James Dunlevy, the sweet transvestite, was perfect for that role. All the actors and actresses truly were, but James really got the crowd going. He is definitely quite talented.”

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