Albright RAs say alcohol use down

Albright Residence Hall has long had a reputation for being a rowdy dorm, but residence assistants in the hall say alcohol use has not been as much of a problem this year as it has been in the past.

David Barnes, an Albright RA, says much of the success in the hall is because of the RAs themselves.

“We obviously have our instances that we have to deal with,” Barnes said. “But I think that a lot of the students respect us. Not that they didn’t respect everybody who lived there last year, but we did a really great job of setting that boundary from the beginning.”

Barnes also says that he thinks students are less likely to drink in the dorms if the RAs have their doors open or are sitting in the hallways spending time with the residents. He says this gives students an opportunity to be with other people and keeps them from shutting themselves in their rooms where they could be drinking or doing other “illegal things.”

Albright Residence HallWilliam Mandile | The Queens Chronicle

Albright Residence Hall

Mona Atta, a sophomore biology major, is a new RA in Albright. She was a resident in the building last year. She said that the drop in alcohol-related incidents could be a campus-wide phenomenon.

“I don’t know if that has to do with there being a more supportable policy,” Atta said.

She said she is not sure how the alcohol use compares this year to previous years because she was not as aware of problems before she became an RA.

“It’s been fairly quiet,” Atta said. “The second floor ended up having to have a serious conversation as a hall because of empty alcohol containers being thrown away. There are older students on the hall who are allowed to have it.”

Atta says that when there is a suspected alcohol violation, RAs have no choice but to call someone higher up in Residence Life.

“Most often it is a noise violation,” Atta said.

If they suspect there is alcohol in the room when they respond to a noise violation, RAs call their direct supervisor and the RA on duty. RAs do not have the right to open doors or check refrigerators.

Barnes noted that it is possible his residents are partying just as often as residents in previous years, but that they are better about leaving Albright before partying.

“I’ve had students from my hall get written up,” Barnes said. “But they are getting written up elsewhere. We might not be seeing as many write-ups in Albright, but our students are still participating in these activities elsewhere.”

Barnes said that he thinks part of this change is due to the fact that Hayes Residence Hall, which is suite-style housing and was previously an upperclassmen dorm, is now a freshman dorm. Students in Hayes are now able to drink in their rooms without even needing to open their door to use the bathroom, which makes it easier for them to think they will not get caught.

Ways to have fun without alcohol

Check the RexText for campus and Charlotte events

Watch movies on campus

Go to hall programming

Atta and Barnes both stressed the importance of providing social activities for freshmen in the dorms. Atta said that students can always ask their RA for programs they are interested in having on the hall.

“I spend about 60 percent of my time with my residents just sitting in the hallway,” Barnes said. “Each hall has its own culture and the RAs have been good at bonding and creating that culture.”

Do you feel that alcohol use is prevalent on campus?

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