5 Questions: Transfer student Gabbi Santander


Gabbi Santander is a sophomore art major from San Francisco, though she and her family currently live in Charlotte. She transferred to Queens from Alfred University in New York after her freshman year. Her credits did not transfer, so she repeated her first year.

Her mother, Melissa, is a nurse at the Health and Wellness Center.

Q: What was it like to be a transfer student?

“It sucked. It was the hardest thing that I’ve done. I had no friends. Coming to Queens, being such a small school, it was hard to find friends. Not that people weren’t nice, but people had their space and their stuff and their friends.”

Q: Would you consider transferring again or would you rather stay here and just not have to deal with that?

“That is a really good question, and one that I’ve been struggling with for a really long time. The thought of transferring again is really not one that I want to think about, just because it was so hard the first time, but Queens just does not really have what I want. It’s not an accredited art school and it doesn’t really treat the arts as a major. That would be the only reason I would ever transfer, but having to move and start over and all that stuff and all over again is just so much work.”

Q: What do you plan to do after school?

“I’m going to go to the Peace Corps right after college, just because I feel like my life is lacking purpose right now. I have lived a very privileged life and I’d like to do something else, other than, you know, watch Netflix. But I don’t know what I want to do as far as a career.”

Q: What’s it like having your mother work here?

“I get to take classes for free, so that’s nice. I’ve not experienced it making things harder, but I can see how it could make things hard having my mom so close and at my school. And living at home is hard.”

Q: Did you ever consider living on campus even though your home is so close?

“I did, but living on campus is expensive. I’ll probably live on campus this coming fall semester. I can’t live at home anymore. I live down the hall from my 84-year-old grandmother and that needs to end.”


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