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The Health and Wellness center hosted an event last night about stress in Rex’s Lair.  This seminar was held to try to help students practice stress reduction.

The host of the event was Elizabeth Davant, the Associate Director at Health and Wellness.  Anne Payne, who is currently interning at Health and Wellness, was also there to assist Davant.

This was an annual FYE event but it is applicable to all students in hopes to help alleviate some of the common college pressures, especially with finals right around the corner.

Due to the busy time of the year, Thanksgiving coming up, and the fact that the academic calendar was tricky and different from years past, I was the only one to show up.

It worked out though because I ended up getting a personal presentation, a Q&A session with both counselors, and some great techniques and advice to share.

There was a PowerPoint that covered common reasons students find themselves feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

The presentation mentioned different techniques that can help students relax and focus on something other than school.

Some of the examples discussed were making to do lists to help you organize what you have to do, making a list of pros and cons when making a decision, and also weighing the sacrifices you are taking and why.

It all comes down to finding the right coping mechanisms for your anxiety.

Davant said, “It is all about the idea of balance.  Students here at Queens identify that extra curricular activities is something that interferes with their academic success.”

For some it may be running, walking, yoga, taking a bath, getting a massage, reading, whatever you need to do to give yourself a break.

It is important to find what makes you happy and making sure you putting your time and energy to the right place.  You also need to remember to give yourself a break.

Davant informed me that “Stress at Queens is the top presenting issue in counseling.  It has been a trend the pass three years and ranks higher than depression.”  Payne added, “There are so many forms that we see where students write overwhelmed on their intake forms.”

Davant also mentioned that the science students were the majority of students that came in to visit Health and Wellness for counseling.

Davant said that when students come to her and worry about making a B in a class, she says she thinks a B means balance.  “If you have a B, it probably means you have a balance of other things going on in your life and not just academics.  You may have extra curricular activities, sports, relationships, etc.”

Davant mentioned that many students have adapted to stress being an everyday feeling. “A little bit of stress is good but too much messes with your brain and is not healthy.”

Payne said, “You have to narrow it down to what do you really like to do, what needs to be done, and what changes need to be made”

In the end, stress is the your body’s’ way of telling you something is wrong and when you ignore the signs and keep trudging forward it can lead to bigger problems.

Health and Wellness has counselors on staff for a reason and it is silly not to take advantage of something we all struggle to deal with.  No matter how big or small the issue, it is nice to have someone listen and give advice.

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