24hr SGA Meeting

On Nov. 12, the Student Government Association had their weekly senate meeting in Claudia Belk Dining Room.
In this meeting, CRU presented a bill requesting funds for the annual winter Encounter Conference. This conference is meant to help Christians grow stronger in their faith and become leaders on campus. It also gives them the opportunity to meet and learn from other CRU campuses to improve aspects of their group, said club representatives. During this five-day conference, they will also be serving the Greensboro community by delivering meals to people in need. They requested $1,000 to reduce the cost for the six students who are planning to attend the conference. The senate agreed to amend the bill by allotting $100 per student, which would equal $600 in total. This amendment was approved by the senate during this meeting.
The Guatemala Club also presented a bill to the senate to increase its funding for their annual Guatemala Mission Trip. Last year they received $2,000, but in previous year they have received up to $6,000. The 18 students attending this trip are required to fundraise about $2,000 to help cover expenses. For this year’s trip, they are requesting $8,000 to help lower the expense of travel and food. SGA has already given them $570, and because they are promoting the Queens motto of not to be served but to serve, SGA senators said they would like to do what they can to support their cause. They approved an amendment to give $150 per student to reduce the cost of the trip and requested that they come back in the spring to request more funds if needed.
During this meeting they also decided what to do with RexMail. Their options were to leave it as-is or to discontinue it. It was decided that on June 1, 2014, RexMail will be discontinued and all incoming emails to that account will be forwarded to students new Queens email address.
SGA meets every Tuesday at 11-11:50 a.m. in Claudia Belk Dining Room. All students are encouraged to attend these meetings.

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