Themed parties attract college students


By: Melissa Binns

Throughout the years, television and movies have depicted college parties as wild, crazy, and ultimately unforgettable. But something the media does not show is how to truly get party-goers to attend. Spreading a party invitation or announcement through the grapevine no longer suffices. Instead, college students are getting creative by supplying a dress code. Providing a theme gives an incentive for these students-who can come up with the most entertaining costume?

A tried and true theme that has become a classic over the years is the “toga party.” Ask anyone what first themed party comes to mind and they will likely say the toga party. The reason this theme has become a tradition could be due to the amount of effort it takes to make the costume. Not much.

“I like simple themes that are inexpensive and funny, because then everyone will actually do it,” said Anna Marie Wright, a junior at Appalachian State University.

The simplicity and humor that the toga party provide could have inspired one of the newer trends referred to as a “Mustache Party,” where you don a mustache for the night.

“Mustache themed parties are awesome because they are so simple and not expensive for college students,” said Wright. “It’s so funny because you can’t have a serious conversation with people. When you try, it’s just hilarious. Those kinds of parties are always fun.”

Another classic that stands the test of time is the celebrity-themed party. Students dress as their favorite (or least favorite) famous person and see if their peers can guess who they are.

“Some hosts even give out awards for the best look-a-like,” said Allison Brittain, a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “Celebrities seem to always be in the making, so you’ll never run out of ideas no matter how many you end up attending.”

For campuses located in warmer areas, the scandalous “ABC Party” is a surefire way to get the attendees to roll in. What does ABC stand for? Anything But Clothes. Partygoers drape themselves with anything that is not considered clothing: boxes, caution tape, or bubble wrap are just a few options.

“I don’t go to those,” said Wright. “It’s cold up here! I’m going to wear clothes, not duct tape.”

While it makes sense for skimpy outfits such as these to bring in the males on campus, Brandon Bestwina of North Carolina State University believes the outfits aren’t even necessary.

“One theme which we can all recognize is the dichotomy between behaviors among males and females at parties,” said Bestwina. “Generally, girls are more respondent to ‘themes’ and guys go along for the girls. Guys don’t respond to themes, they go for the girls.”

It is no surprise then that some men use this opportunity to meet new girls. After all, what a better conversation starter than a silly or sexy costume?

“People can really go all-out. It’s so funny seeing everybody,” said Wright. It appears that themed parties have become the ultimate way to socialize.  For anyone who is nervous about having a successful party, try giving it a theme! Attendees are sure to have a blast.

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