SGA Meeting

On Tuesday October 29th at 11 AM, the Student Government Association had their weekly meeting.

They began by discussing a Bill that would provide money to seniors for printing. According to this Bill, $5 will be provided to each senior per semester for printing. The group agreed upon an amendment to the Bill which requires the seniors to take the initiative to go down to the mail center and request the printing money. This Bill was voted on and passed during today’s meeting.

A new Bill was presented to the group from the Build 4 Cause club. Build for Cause will be taking a service trip to New Orleans to continue to aid in the rebuilding of houses since the devastation of the hurricane. This year they will be taking the largest group they have ever had, they have 22 students and 2 advisors. The club is requesting $2,000 from SGA to go towards van rentals and gas in order to keep the cost down for students. Treasurer Campbell Corder expressed his approval towards Build 4 Cause and suggested not only meeting their request but to give more. A motion was made to give $100 per volunteer, a total of $2,400. This Bill was quickly amended and passed.

There has also been discussion about what to do with Rex Mail. All Queens students now have a Microsoft 365 Queens email address, but upperclassmen also have a Rex Mail account. This has caused confusion for some people who still regularly use their Rex Mail account and IT is trying to determine whether or not to discontinue it and make sure those emails get forwarded to student’s new accounts or to leave it as it is. It was suggested that if they were to discontinue it soon, those with Rex Mail accounts should be given a fair warning in advance to avoid any more confusion.

The campus improvement committee has been discussing several beneficial changes around campus. They would like to get Student artwork displayed in the Levine center, and they would also like to see the trophy case filled. It was suggested that trash and recycling cans be installed in the parking deck. Also, it was suggested that they consider installing kitchen sinks with garbage disposals in dorms so that students can properly wash their dishes without clogging the sink.

SGA meets every Tuesday at 11 to 11:50 in Claudia Belk Dining Room. These meetings are open to the student body, and their attendance is always welcome.

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