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Amber Ryan, a 30-year-old graduate student of communications, has been living out the Queens motto of “not to be served, but to serve.” At every home Panthers game, Ryan and her husband, wake up to fight a global cause by leading a tailgate to raise money for a poor Nepali community.
After feeling inspired by Maggie Doyne’s story, Amber and her spouse felt motivated to start something bigger than them. Unlike many of her high school peers, Doyne did not go straight to college but chose to go to Nepal in order to serve the Kopila Valley community. To date, she has opened up an orphanage and the Kopila Valley Primary School in Surkhet, Nepal. Doyne has also created the Blinknow Foundation, which aims to encourage others to impact lives in developing countries.
Doyne is now involved in a project to open a vocational center in the Kopila Valley community. She expects the center to improve the community and to teach individuals how to be self-sufficient by learning sustainable skills. In order to build this vocational center, she needs a lot of money – Ryan has chosen to use her capstone project to help Doyne and the Kopila Valley people.
In addition to the opportunity to buy food and drinks at the tailgate, the Charlotte community has the opportunity to pledge a donation to help to build the center in Nepal.
“Our goal is to be the tailgate that makes a difference,” said Ryan, reassuring that by the end of the football season they will be able to achieve the goal of $25,000 to build the vocational center.
Although the primary aim is to reach the donation goal, Ryan also expects to build a strong relationship with the individuals that contribute to her cause and establish a bond as a helping community.
She delights in knowing that families and individuals can be a part of this cause and claims that “if we are not involved in something that is bigger than ourselves, then we feel like a piece is missing.”
She is glad to know that Charlotte, as a charitable community, can be a part of this long-term project in many different ways which will help the Kopila community to grow into a strong society.
For the next season, Amber and the Tailgate With a Purpose team will set up a different goal to continue positively impacting lives, either globally or locally.
For more information, visit www.blinknow.org. The project is on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Tailgate-With-A-Purpose and its Twitter handle is @we_do_this.

For more information see – Twitter – @we_do_this
Facebook – /Tailgate With A Purpose

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