Jessica Rooney 24-Hour Article Event: Campus Update with President Pamela Davies, Ph.D.

This Tuesday during college hour there was a Campus Update meeting led by President Davies herself. The meeting was held in the new Levine Center ballroom and was open to all students and faculty interested in hearing more about the future plans for Queens.
It began with a brief introduction of President Davies followed by a slide show presented by President Davies explaining the current focus and 5-year plan for Queens.
President Davies explained the importance of expanding the Queen’s footprint involving community engagement. Currently President Davis and the board of trustees are working on the third of three individual five-year plans.
The intention of the 2017 plan is to continue to attract the best of the best students by adding and renovating many buildings and programs that exist at Queens. President Davies believes that “Buildings have an impact in conveying our commitment to excellence and education.” Upcoming future renovations include, Walkers Science, the Fine Arts Building, and constructing the Tennis Courts at the existing sports complex.
Davies added, “My work is to raise dollars to fund great students and keep great students here at Queens.” She wants to increase scholarship dollars to help attract and keep students coming to Queens.
Davies recapped the new additions to campus that include the Levine Center, Rogers Science and Health building, the Waters Courtyard, and completion of South Parking Deck and Residence Hall. Queens also added eight new majors this year and wants to continue to add options for current and future students.
After President Davis touched on all of her plans, the meeting concluded with a brief Q&A between the students and the president and her accompanying staff.
Questions asked by students covered a variety of concerns regarding a possible football team, campus dining options and hours, WIFI, redoing the turf field at the complex, and more scholarship possibilities.
Davies first responded by saying that we can expect WIFI to get better in the next few weeks. Football is a possibility in the far future, and the turf should be redone within the next year. As far as food goes, they are working and will continue to work on dining hours and the quality of food. Finally, yet importantly, Queens is always trying to create more scholarship opportunities for all students.

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