Royal’s track and field team bolsters with fresh faces


Charlotte – Recent changes to the Royals track and field team has added depth and strength to this year’s line-up of students.

With the latest expansion, it would seem that competition could be fiercer on a domestic scale, which in turn could help the athletes feed of each other’s hunger.  Chris Vilela, a junior, new media design/sports management double major said.

“Having a larger team has raised the bar for all our returners in practice and in competition.”

Having a bigger team means more tools at everyone’s disposal; experience will play a key factor in shaping the new recruits.

“For cross country we’ve always been successful so it’s business as usual just with a lot of new faces. For the track however it helps to have people in all events which give us a better chance of scoring points at meets.”

Frank Werner, a sophomore majoring in psychology and business said.

“I feel a lot more motivated during practice, the level of competitiveness significantly increased!” added Werner, he went on to say “For my main event the 100m we got a kid that runs about the same personal best as me.”

“The quantity and rising diversity in the team, our team consists of athletes from different experience and skill level partly due to different origins as well” added Werner.

“Personally the growth of the team has helped a lot, having training partners every day is a great asset,” Vilela added. However, the size of the team is not on the same scale as other collegiate teams, the men’s side at least according to Vilela.

Though that may be true, he went on to say “A larger team will help us stay hungry for greater success through the year and gives us people to lean on when we’re having a bad practice or after a bad race.”

The freshmen are eager to show what they have in their skill sets, although slightly intimidated by the prospect of collegiate level track and field. Kyle Wolfe, a freshman majoring in business touched on his thoughts coming into the Queens fold.

“I was very eager to join, I knew that there were a lot of talented incoming athletes and I was looking forward to meeting them and having them as teammates.”

Wolfe is already tight-knitted with his new track and field family, he said “We’re a close team; we all try to support each other and have each other’s backs.”

Ella Fox, another freshman majoring in communication reaffirmed that joining the higher echelon was not as intimidating as once thought. Fox felt reassured as she said “Everyone on the team is wonderful and I think that we will do great things in competition”

There is always a certain standard at this level in competition; Fox recognizes the importance of her current status on the team.

“I’m sure once it’s time to compete I will be nervous but currently I don’t feel too much pressure by anyone except myself. I personally have very high goals set for myself and I’m sure my coaches also have high expectations of me, but the most pressure I feel is from myself.”

The substantial increased size of the team is a beneficial step forward, one that will hopefully lead to success for everyone involved in the ever advancing track and field movement in Queens.




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