Where are all the clocks?

Many classrooms, like this one in Sykes, have no clocks on the walls.

[/media-credit] Many classrooms, like this one in Sykes, have no clocks on the walls.

Why are there no clocks on the walls of the classroom? This question many students have is shared by a group of faculty and staff, as well.

A majority of classrooms on campus lack clocks of any sort. The Levine Center for Recreation and Wellness, the newest addition to Queens, has the same situation in its classes.

“I think it’s weird, especially being from England where they are commonplace,” said Alex Weare. “They should put them in every classroom.”

Dr. Ron Shiffler, dean of the McColl School of Business, also thinks it is interesting how there are few clocks present in the classroom. He said he had no idea why, but thought it is a good goal to reach.

Shiffler pointed out that at his previous institution, Georgia Southern University, clocks are present in all classrooms. He speculated that the lack of clocks could be a type of tactic Queens is using.

While no one interviewed could answer the question for sure, some have ideas and speculations.

Bill Nichols, vice president of campus planning and services, shared his opinion regarding the matter.

“I have worked at Queens for 8 years and this topic has never come up,” he said. “It seems as if everyone is using their cell phones now.”

Nichols stated that there is no money in the budget for this current fiscal year to enact such a change. While the next fiscal year will not begin until begin until July 1, 2014, Nichols said that he would be willing to perform a survey to receive feedback from students and faculty members. The survey would allow Queens administrators to figure out whether to add clocks to classrooms in the future.

An average analog wall clock with batteries from Kaplan Early Learning Company costs $13.90.

Another concern raised by Nichols was if electricity or batteries should power the clocks. Clocks that are powered by electricity would be more accurate; however, they would also be more expensive.

“It has been psychologically proven that clocks are not put into places, such as casinos, in order to create a greater focus on the task at hand,” said Rachel Carter, a service specialist at Everett Library.


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