Queens men’s basketball brings back veteran coach

New coaching staff are set to make an impact on the men’s basketball team and Bart Lundy has been approached to take on the role of head coach.

All coaches have elements of their sport that they emphasize, Lundy makes a point that he wants his team to get better and better with each day that passes.

“Our philosophy is not what we do, but how we do it, so our biggest emphasis is going to be on being the best we can be every single day,” he said. “In fact we want to be 1 percent better today than we were yesterday. We want to live in the moment and we want to be the toughest, best conditioned team, so it’s always going to be how we do it, not what we do.”

Lundy is already familiar with Queens, having coached here previously for five years.

“I was here 11 years ago and loved Queens, but my path took me all over the country, through different levels,” he said. “When this job came open, what I had known about the new facility and the direction of the campus and what President Davies has done with the university since I left intrigued me and brought me back.”

Lundy is armed with a wealth of knowledge in the game, having coached basketball in several universities around the U.S. in the past, such as High Point University, Marquette University and the University of North Texas.

The players at Queens all possess certain qualities that the new coach will pick up on, especially when determining the squad and the style of play they will implement. When asked about what style he would like to utilize, he joked “the winning style”.

“Our style will fit our personnel. I think this year we’re going to bigger than most teams so our style of play will reflect what our roster strengths are,” Lundy went on to say. “I like to play fast, before when I was here we set lots of records for points in a game, I don’t know if we will play that fast or if we have the personnel to play that fast but we will play as fast as our roster dictates.”

The new coach touched on some of the players that have already caught his eye in the preseason and some new players that have been recruited into the Queens fold.

“We’ve got Josh Clyburn, who is about 6-foot-8 and 220 pounds. He was a player at Presbyterian College before and he’s had a good preseason,” he said. “Our senior, Brent Evans, is a good player. We’ve got a new player we just picked up this very last week before school, his name is NKosi Ali, he’s 7 feet tall and a good player.”

“Everything we do is going to be built on hard work and toughness and that will be how I approach it and how our guys approach it every single day,” Lundy said when asked how he will approach his newly appointed role.

An exhibition game is set to be played on Nov. 2, with the season starting on Nov. 12.

Bart Lundy Fast Facts

Born Galax, Va.
Education University of North Carolina at Pembroke, Lenoir-Rhyne University
Head coaching record 211–128
Coaching experience
  •   Queens University of Charlotte
  •   Highpoint University
  •   Marquette University
  •   University of North Texas





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