What has our nightlife scene turned into?

I remember freshman year there were an abundant amount of bars and clubs to choose from for students to have fun. The good old days included Halo, Suite, Buckheads, Whiskey River, Coyote Joe’s, Dixie’s Tavern, Bar of Charlotte, Alley Cats, Montford and many more options. I heard of so many bars from students that I thought I’d never be able to visit them all. Nightlife used to be fun and adventurous. Once in a while, a party bus would show up on campus and excite all the students. Four years later, what are we left with?

Basically nothing.

The one place Queens students go on the regular is Prohibition. Now don’t get me wrong, it can be fun after a few drinks, but I like change and I am personally so over Prohibition. Prohibition kills me now because it feels like I’m forced to go there, because that’s where everyone goes since there aren’t other options. The bar is too small and you only have two options once you arrive: you could stand outside with all the smokers or stand inside packed like sardines.

Prohibition also needs to reconstruct their dance floor. There really isn’t a place designated to dance and their light system is nonexistent. The two go hand in hand. The lights help designate where people should dance and encourage them to have fun.

The biggest problem I have with Prohibition, though, is the lack of bartenders. I can’t even tell you how long I have had to wait to get a drink. I would have been better off going next door to Rí Rá Irish Pub to get a drink. The bar really ruins the experience for me. I hate waiting in lines, especially when the bartenders are just talking to each other and not helping guests.

Queens is fortunate to be so close to Montford Drive. Montford is becoming the new place for students to go. I’m sure a lot has to do with how convenient it is, but there are a few bars to choose from. If you are like me, you want to hit them all and join the Montford bar crawl. My two favorite places are Brazwells and Angry Ales. I don’t think a student at Queens could go a week without hearing about the two bars.

As graduation approaches for seniors, it has me reflecting on all my memories from the past four years. I miss the clubs we used to go to. It has me thinking, is club life even alive anymore? Suite is the well-known club that is Uptown, but it’s gotten old. For a while, Butter was amazing, but was shut down by my new favorite club, Label. Label is totally different than any other club in Charlotte. It gives guests a full experience of lounges, bars and dance floors. It’s a multilevel club that truly gives everyone what they’re looking for.

My Top 5 Nightlife Entertainment Venues:
1.     NC Music Factory: (Label, Wet Willie’s, VBGB’s)
2.     Montford
3.     Rí Rá Irish Pub
4.     Strike City
5.     Cosmos

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