Speed bumps: Necessary or Nuisance?

Bang! Bang! That’s the sound of everyone’s vehicles going over the obnoxious speed bumps at Queens University of Charlotte.

Last fall, students were surprised with speed bumps alongside the gym and into South parking deck after asking for mirrors. They have been left wondering why there are so many speed bumps and what has been the cause. The inconveniently placed speed bumps seem to be everywhere, but are they really needed?

The answer is yes, according to Dr. John Downey, dean of students, who called the bumps “suitably obnoxious.”

“If I do have to park in the deck, I really really do not like the speed bumps. I understand their purpose, but I feel like they’re excessive,” said junior Serena Ghaemizadeh.

Senior Natalie Spencer said, “I think everyone would agree that the speed bumps are a hassle, even though we all recognize they are there for our safety.”

Before the university placed speed bumps, drivers were exceeding the campus speed limit of 10 mph.

“They are designed to keep the speeds down to keep from creating significant amounts of damage,” said Thomas Younce, associate vice president of campus safety and security.

The speed bumps are designed for speeds of less than 10 mph. They are placed before every turn to help vehicles slow down from the descending slope and to help see oncoming traffic.

Students have said they would prefer mirrors to help with visibility on the turns. There are currently no mirrors installed in the deck. Before the speed bumps, drivers were whipping around the blind corners to oncoming traffic. Even with speed bumps, drivers are still turning too quickly. However, Vice President of Campus Planning and Services Bill Nichols confirmed that mirrors have been ordered.

There is a reason for the high number of speed bumps on campus. The placement of speed bumps is very important. There are more placed on the lower level due to the higher level of traffic. Natalie Spencer points out that there is also a greater amount of foot traffic entering and leaving the deck.

“I think they have helped our students’ development,” said Joel Tomkinson, a residence coordinator living in South. “A lot of our students are really bad drivers.”

Tomkinson added that before the speed bumps were installed, he could hear cars screeching on the lower levels all the way up in his apartment.

The speed bumps have helped and are doing their job. Now, the campus will have to wait and see if the added mirrors help drivers with visibility, making South’s parking deck enjoyable to drive through.

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Published by students of Queens University of Charlotte, 1900 Selwyn Avenue, Charlotte, N.C. 28274.