H&W surveys students for national assessment

Health and Wellness seeks to catalog student health behaviors by participating in the American College Health Association’s National College Health Assessment, a research survey designed to collect precise data about student health habits, behaviors and perceptions.
The survey, which takes approximately 20 minutes to complete online, will be sent to student RexMail accounts, followed by periodic reminders. The questions cover varying health issues, including alcohol, tobacco and drug use, sexual behavior, weight, nutrition, exercise, mental health, and personal safety. As the questionnaire is confidential, names and email addresses will not be attached to responses – even Health and Wellness staff will be unable to access such information.
The health assessment is part of a nationwide effort to chronicle college student behavior and perspective; over 133,555 students completed the survey last year and over 550 colleges have participated since the program’s inception in 2000. The American College Health Association compiles national averages to which participating schools can compare their population.
“The study helps us set goals and plan programming,” said Jill Perry, director of Student Health and Wellness services. “As we see areas where we might want to improve or need to improve, we can target that versus a shotgun approach…we assume our students are like the norm, but it would be really nice to get Queens-specific data.”
To ensure willing student participation, incentives will be offered to those who fill out the questionnaire. Awards like gift cards to local businesses and even iPads will be given at the end of the process to a list of random students provided by ACHA.
“We’re hoping to give away two iPads, one in the middle of the survey around homecoming week and another at the end of the survey,” said Perry.
She revealed that the list of gifts was not finalized, but that staff was “really excited” about giving away a gift certificate to Amélie’s French Bakery.
The survey is tentatively set to open on Friday, Feb. 8, and last for two to three weeks. Following will be one follow-up survey and an update every third year.

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