President for tomorrow? Students debate which presidential candidate will ensure bright future for America

Arguing for the Republicans: Maria Bisbikis

Back in 2008, college students and young adults across the nation fueled a spirited and passionate campaign for change. President Obama won the nation over under the illusion that change would come swiftly and loudly during a declining economy. Yes, the recession Obama inherited was devastating; however, the blame should not solely be placed on the economic times.  A majority of the promises Obama made to the American people are left unfulfilled. Throughout the course of the year, I have encountered many students who have showed disinterest in the political process because they are under the impression that their vote does not matter.

As students, we are the future of this nation. Every decision being made today affects our generation in the long run. No matter your class standing, your vote is essential. For many of us in this year’s graduating class, the future is dim. The unemployment rate is high, and the economy is weak. The average tuition and fees at public four-year institutions has increased by about 72 percent over the last decade. That figure does not even cover the increase in tuition at private institutions. Today, 1 in 5 households has student debt. Moreover, 4 in 10 adults are now living at home with their parents. The hardest hitting statistic is that about fifty percent of college graduates at this moment in time cannot find a job, or one that is specifically related to their college degree.

Mitt Romney understands this. As a parent of five sons, he has witnessed the demands of a college student. His solution to the ongoing problems we face today is to build a strong economy. As a life-long businessman, he has the credentials to do so. Mitt Romney aims to strengthen and simplify the financial aid system. He believes that college should be more affordable, and students looking for aid should find it. The current situation is not what students want or need. Tuition for public and private education is getting more expensive. Students are given no choice but to take out large loans for higher education. If a student takes out multiple loans to get them through their higher education, they risk the burden of overwhelming debt after graduation. Students are having a difficult time finding a job or one that even pays enough to help pay off their government loans. Mitt Romney will work hard to get this country back on track and help boost the economy with his five point plan.

His first point is to achieve energy independence by 2020. The second point is to improve trade internationally. The third point is to provide Americans with the skills to succeed through better public schools and better access to higher education. Point four will aim to cut the deficit by reducing the size of government. The last point in Mitt’s plan is to champion small business because he believes small businesses are the engine to job creation in this country. Small businesses are also the ones who hire college students while still in school, and are more likely to hire them upon graduation.

Mitt’s plan is becoming more convincing, according to some news reports. By raising taxes on high income households, there will only be modest revenue generated. He believes higher rates on dividends and capital gains are bad for growth. It is said that Obama’s focus on redistribution is discouraging entrepreneurs and innovators which can impact growth and the overall debt situation.

As students here at Queens University of Charlotte, we are very fortunate to receive a great education from wonderful professors. We vigorously work hard in our studies in hopes of reaching our Queens goal: to Thrive. Here at Queens, we have been taught that success is important, but thriving as a well-rounded citizen is just as important. This election will impact our futures. It is imperative that students get out and vote this November because our voices do matter. The choice is clear; vote for Mitt Romney on Election Day! Mitt Romney wants America to thrive. He also wants the youth of this nation to thrive as well. Do you?


Arguing for the Democrats: Emmie Horadum

It is the end of October.  This time last year, Republicans were tripping over themselves to announce their candidacy for President of the United States of America.  As Americans endured what seemed like an endless stream of debates, stump speeches, accusations and promises, one by one, the Republican field narrowed after each primary and caucus.  Now, after all of that, Republicans have nominated Governor Mitt Romney.  Americans have two parties to choose from (to be fair, we’ll say three to include the Libertarians) and a big decision to make.  Who gets their vote? Now, if you are thinking to yourself, I still have no clue, don’t panic; you’re not alone. Many Americans are still undecided, and the choice is not getting any easier to make.  When I talk to my friends that are undecided, most of them say that the problem is they agree with both candidates on certain things and disagree with them on others.  You have to ask yourself, which topics are most important to you?

  Now, I’m going to attempt to make this decision a little easier for you.  First, let me be honest.  I am a proud Democrat.  I voted on the first day of Early Vote here in North Carolina, and I think we can all guess who got my vote.  I know why I support President Obama.  The most I can try and do to convince you that he should get your vote is to explain my reasoning for supporting him.  It is not just because I’m a Democrat. In fact, there are lots of Democrats I do not really like. If I were writing this back in 2004, I probably would not have been able to make a great argument for John Kerry.  Now, in 2012, and even if we were back in 2008, I can with absolute certainty and passion tell you why Barack Obama deserves your vote.

  Let us start with the basics.  President Obama cares about people in our age bracket.  Before 2008, candidates barely paid any attention to students like us, mainly because we don’t vote.  We still don’t vote in massive numbers, but we definitely made an impact in 2008.  Candidate Obama understood us back in 2008 and cares about us even more in 2012.  He understands what we need to be successful in this country, and so far, he and his administration have helped people like us more than we can ever imagine.  First, The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, benefits us.  If you are thinking of voting for Romney because you don’t like Obamacare, or the idea of Obamacare, you don’t know enough about it.  One of the biggest advantages to Obamacare for us is the portion that keeps us on our parents insurance until we are 26 years old.  I like the idea that after I graduate college I can focus on filling out job applications and finding a place to live without having to think about what insurance policy I’m going to need.

Secondly, the majority of Queens students rely upon federal financial aid to pay for school tuition. Obama has doubled the recipients of Pell Grants, and Stafford Loan interest rates were kept at 3.8% instead of increasing to 6.8%, therefore making college (and Queens) more affordable for students.

Lastly, President Obama cares about the citizens of the United States, including students like us.  No matter where you are from, no matter what socio-economic level you are included in, no matter if you are a man, woman, or child, no matter what your race, sexuality, or religion is, Obama and his administration care about you and this country.  He has worked ridiculously hard to pull this country out of the brink of a recession, he has increased our standing in the global arena, all while making sure that people in our generation have the tools that we need to be successful.  Obama cares, and so should you.  Give him four more years; you won’t be disappointed.

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