Comedian searches Charlotte for BBQ


Kite performed at the Comedy Zone on Oct 25-27

Since the DNC Charlotte is continuing to grow as new acts and performances come into
town. I feel as though with so many new things coming to Charlotte we have not had the chance
to make time for these acts. So for all you busy people, college, workers or whatever, you are
going to want to make time for this. Jonathan Kite is coming to Charlotte, now when I say the
name Jonathan Kite I want you to get excited and pumped because this is no ordinary guy. With
a back ground in acting, producing, comedy and voice-overs this is your modern day
Renaissance man who is very down to earth. You may know him from the hit show Two Broke
Girls and Black Dynamite as well. How do I know this? Because I got the chance to talk with
Jonathan as he ventures to Charlotte. With tales of his past performances, current and past
projects, great advice and barbeque Jonathan Kite is the guy that you don’t need to miss out on.

With a series of age old questions everyone wants to know who Jonathan Kite is and why
come to Charlotte of all places to perform?

“I have never been to North Carolina and I am a big fan of barbeque. I do know that there
is a lot of barbeque there. I have heard how great this city was and I am also a college basketball
fan and I have watched North Carolina play over the years.” Kite said. It was a really interesting
to know that our barbeque could serve as a main attraction to this city. It is not just the barbeque
that makes Kite want to perform but, the audience and the experience.

“Every performance is different and a lot of it has to deal with the time the show is and
the different people. I am affected by the audience and the audience is affected by me and I am
excited to fill out the new flavor of what North Carolina’s audience is going to be,” Kite said.
With an ever changing audience and new experiences there is always something that is the best
part of the career.

“My favorite thing about my career is that it has been steady and that I have been able to
work the entire time that I have lived in L.A. I think there is something about The Two Broke
Girls, something that I am very proud of and the things that I work on I believe in them. It’s
exciting and I really enjoy going to work every day to know that I am a part of something that
isn’t just a pay check. It’s also the reason why I got into acting because I like to tell stories and to
be a part of something that I believe in is a really incredible thing,” Kite said. Everyone has to be
inspired to do the things they do and Kite shared how he gets his inspirations.

“I get inspired by the world around me and I try to no limit myself with categories of
inspiration, if I am driving and I see two dogs doing something and it strikes me as funny then I
will try to work it in into my standup. I like to say that my character is has become really well
rounded that way,” Kite said.

Shifting gears for a bit, I had to confess to Kite my love of Adult Swim and of the newest
show that it on it called Black Dynamite. If you have not seen it, watch it because Kite spoke
nothing but excitement and passion of the show.

“It’s great to work on this project! It’s great because I know the executive producer and
we have a great relationship. I think there is something revolutionary and it makes me very
proud to be a part of a show like that. It’s a very specific time period because of the universal
themes and the blaxploitation, I was a huge fan of the film and I thought it was really, really well
done and really intelligent and the fact that they were able to cross that over to make things a
little bit vulgar without getting crazy I think it’s a true test at how strong the idea is and how
brilliant the people for creating that idea, and its fun!” Kite said

As the interview came to an end Kite a few words of advice for anyone who is interested
in getting in the business.

“Standup, acting, producing there such different worlds. In my understanding it’s very
important to understand how a world works it will never be hard fast rules but if you are going to
do acting and then move into standup or if you want to do producing and directing and then
move into acting you really have to know the business end of it because at the end of the day that
defines it. Unfortunately you have to make a living off of it because business rules change quite
often. And you have to look at yourself as your own company, if you were running your own
company you are aware of everything that is needed for your company, you need to know
yourself and what you’re selling. And its important to just pay attention and know how the world
works,” Kite said.

When the interview was over Kite had a simple question for me and it was what kind of
barbeque place do I recommend for him to eat at once he gets to Charlotte. I of course laughed
and told him to go to BBQ-King (if you disagree that’s fine) but I am certainly that he will enjoy
his time here in Charlotte, if he’s going to be here for several days he will have all the barbeque
he can eat and live it up in the Queen City.
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