Rolling out new JBIP options

JBIP ambassadors pose wearing their signature vests | Photo taken by Cameo Kizzie

With professors dressed to reflect the countries they’re representing, the John Belk International Program office hosted a festive “pre-release party” on Feb. 22 to announce the new travel options available to the Class of 2014 and beyond.

Some of the many tour trips being offered for summer 2012 include Peru , India and Nepal, New Zealand, South Africa, China, Yap, Italy, Rio de Janeiro, Greece, Strasbourg, Galapagos Island, and England and Scotland.

Sophomores lined up on the red carpet in Diana Courtyard to prepare for the first-ever John Belk International Party. With VIP passes in hand, the sophomores stood, ready to embark on their journeys to find a summer destination. JBIP ambassadors released them into Burwell Parlors to receive instructions from Ambassador Danielle Phillips. She told them to “take these [travel cards] and write down the countries that interest you.” JBIP Ambassadors are students who travel to their chosen countries and document the trip through pictures.

The sophomores explored their options by talking to the professors and reading posters about the different countries, while eating finger foods and sipping juice.

Dr. Michael Tarabek, math professor, was excited about the crowded event, saying, “it allows students to make informed decisions about the trips.”

Junior Ambassador Olympia Agnew felt that the party “gives students the opportunities to talk to the professors going on the trip.”

JBIP Director Holly Carter was among those mingling. She said she wanted to have the JBIP party to ensure that students knew about the “amazing opportunities.”

“It was a way to get the professors talking to the students about the trips,” said Carter.
Sophomore Whitney Bowers was one of many students eager to see each country’s poster. “I’m super excited there are so many choices to choose from,” Bowers said. She either wants to go to Brazil, Greece, India, or, she added, “everywhere!”

Some students such as sophomores Megan Doyle and Elizabeth Medlin were overwhelmed by the wide array of choices.

Gabby Keleher called the pre-release party “one of the most awesome events I’ve been to at Queens.”

The new way of selecting countries replaced the previous method of camping overnight to get preferred countries. Dr. Jeffrey Thomas, biology professor, remembers that “last year everyone waited in a line in McEwen and no one looked happy.”

Visit to read a book about all the new information about the JBIP program.

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