Chartwells networks with students

William Boyd | Queens Chronicle

In its continuing effort to cement its bond to campus, Chartwells is hiring – again.

Already, 17 of the 71 Chartwells associates (the term Chartwells uses to refer to employees) are Queens students. They can be spotted making caffeinated drinks in the coffee shop, swiping student cards in the dining hall or carrying trays of water pitchers during a catered event.

Director of Food Services Paul Johnson wants to add more. He recently hired five freshmen to work in catering, with hopes that they will spend the rest of their college career simultaneously working and learning the ins-and-outs of the catering business.

In his search new hires, Johnson prefers two Communication majors who will have the experience needed to create and send effective messages needed to maintain the Facebook and forthcoming Twitter pages.

For example, the appearance of Miss Betty, the diminutive dining hall matriarch,  on Chartwells’ Facebook page is promoted in  letter-formatted advertisements  on cafeteria tables — beginning with “hey babies,” a familiar phrase to consistent cafeteria customers.

Miss Betty doesn’t create the messages alone. She, along with a group of dining services employees and students whom Johnson is still in the process of hiring, write the posts read on the page.

This initiative will inform dining services customers  of  practical advice and upcoming changes the company will be making, one of which is the hiring of more students.

Student employees appreciate the benefits of working on campus with dining services just as much as their employer needs the help.

Junior and coffee house barista Alecia Coutain has met a multitude of new people, visitors and fellow employees while working in the social hub. Coutain says, “People know me from the coffee shop. [Working there] gives me a chance to form relationships with students who come in.” Her experience at Atlanta Bread Company, a restaurant renown for their delicious breads and coffee drinks,  prepared for her job.

Freshman Yarixca Roman was hired out of a stack of applicants to greet dining hall patrons.

Johnson asks that students not refer to his entity as Chartwells but as “dining services,” to reinforce the notion that he and his staff are not separate from Queens but another member of the family.

To “like” Miss Betty’s page on Facebook, follow this link

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