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Adam’s Picks:
(Image courtesy of Battles)
Battles – Ice Cream
There is no easy way to describe Ice Cream. To those unfamiliar with Battles, or other bands of the Mathcore genre, it sounds discordant and off. From the beginning chords, a slow calliope of synthesizer and grunts building into a crescendo of noise. But the song plunges on into an incredibly catchy hook and incomprehensibly slurred lyrics. The slurring, although possibly distracting in any other song, seem to fit the hazy anything goes logic that accompanies the general sound. The only complaint I have is that it goes on a bit long. Iit stumbles its way to completion around the four and a half minute mark when it easily could have been a comfortable three and a half minutes long.
This year the multicolored necktied members of Tally Hall followed up their “wonky-rock” hit “Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum”  with the more electronic and vocal focused “Good and Evil.” Turn the Lights off is a fast-paced day-glo horror show. Highlighting Tally Hall’s illustrious quick wit, the song really is just about a monstrous party (both literally and metaphorically). Like the proverbial wild-thing, all you can do is get carried away with the momentum and join the wild rumpus.

The Radio Dept. – Heaven’s On Fire

Any song that opens up with a call to arms stating we should “destroy the bogus capitalist process that has destroyed youth culture” usually would launch into wailing guitars and bitter lyrics about society and the revolution that needs to begin. However, the Radio Dept. then launches into a smoothly melodic song about alienation and getting left behind. This call to arms is accompanied not by a clap of thunder but instead a dreamlike passage into peace. Like a dream, the song fades out leaving only the message and pleasant feelings.


Elli’s Picks:

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – O Children

There is nothing better on a dark rainy night than the mournful notes of Nick Cave’s glorious voice. Accompanied by a somber choir and sigh-worthy lyrics, I especially love listening to this after spending way too much time on one subject of homework. Some readers may recognize this from a scene in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows I.

We Are Augustines – Chapel Song

I found this song on a free iTunes card at Starbucks and kept it on repeat for over a week. The lead singer’s voice is an acquired taste, but after the first few (or in my case, eight) listens it begins to make perfect sense and the raw emotion of the song progressively starts to hit you as you listen to the regretful lament of a man watching the love of his life walk down the aisle toward someone who is not him.

Hooray for Earth – True Loves

Another perfect song for rainy days, this has just enough bass and unorthodox sound effects to keep you intrigued but not overwhelmed. One of those no-genre tracks, I especially love the employment of the coin sound from Super Mario Bros.

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